What's the best mattress profile for me?

What's the best mattress profile for me?

The Wellsville mattresses showcase the best in technology and comfort. Choosing between three luxurious options like gel memory foam, natural latex, and active cooling is difficult enough—but what is the difference between the 11-inch and the 14-inch profile? And which option is best for me?

Benefits of a High-Profile Mattress

Side Sleepers

Thicker mattresses are a great option for side sleepers. They need a thicker surface layer to conform and contour around the shoulders and hips. Typically, the higher the profile, the thicker the comfort layer.


Motion disturbance during the night can really affect the quality of your sleep. If your partner tosses and turns or gets out of bed in the middle of the night, you’ll want a thicker mattress. Known to have better motion isolation, a thicker mattress can be the difference between a restless night and a peaceful night. Additionally, when sharing a bed, sometimes we don’t realize that the mattress must support the weight of two individuals. A thicker mattress is built to handle the added weight and pressure.

Larger Builds

People with larger, taller builds often want a higher-profile mattress—it can be uncomfortable to stoop when getting in bed each night. A thicker mattress also handles higher weight capacities and resists sagging much longer than a thinner mattress.

Benefits of Low-Profile Mattresses


If you find yourself moving often, having a lightweight mattress can be appealing. A low-profile mattress is easier to get from room to room and through narrow hallways.


A low-profile mattress is often a great choice for elderly individuals—when mobility and accessibility becomes a little harder. The ability to get in and out of bed easily is a real bonus.


A smaller bed, understandably, is often more affordably priced. If you’re budget-conscious, this is a great way to go. Additionally, many low-cost sheets won’t fit a thicker mattress. If you aren’t prepared to invest in a new set of low-cost sheets as well, stick with a low-profile option.

Ultimately, the mattress profile you choose is a matter of preference. Each mattress is well-made and makes both comfort and support a priority. You really can’t go wrong. View our mattresses and reach out to us with any questions at support@jurasleep.com.

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