Why thread count isn't everything

Why thread count isn't everything

In the past, thread count has been the go-to and most marketed feature of sheets. But, without any other information, thread count alone is a poor indicator of quality. 

As with all our product, we lay out the full details: thread count, fiber & ply, fit, finish, and feel  Every aspect contributes to a superior and high-quality set of sheets.  


Fiber quality impacts how you experience sheets: temperature, softness, feel, and durability. Long-staple cotton and French linen, for example, are known for lightweight and breathable bedding with excellent durability. Tencel™ and rayon from bamboo are soft and silky and wick away moisture. Flannel and microfiber feel soft and cozy.


A well-designed and well-made set of sheets feel amazing and look gorgeous on the bed. Look for deep pockets in the fitted sheet that fit your mattress, oversized dimensions for the flat sheet and pillowcases, and high-quality elastic that will hug your mattress.


Pristine edges, quality piping, and strong elastic are a clear sign of a good set of sheets. It's also important to know if the fabric has been treated with a synthetic chemical wash to present a cool, smooth feel in the store-that vanishes once it's been washed.


Ultimately, no set of sheets will make you happy unless you love the feel. That preference is entirely personal. It's essential to have options to choose from so you can pick what you prefer: silky, smooth, soft, cool, warm, etc.


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